Clean filters save a buck

As oil filters, fuel filters and air filters are expendable material, they should be changed more often to prevent failure of vital engine parts. A vehicle often cannot start due to dirty filters, or it can just stop in the midst of driving.

Air filters have a significant influence on fuel consumption and this is why they should be timely changed. It is recommended that the air, fuel and oil filters should be replaced every 10,000 kilometers. Having in mind that our roads are full of dust and dirt, the timely replacement of the air filter is of great importance.

Oil filters are of big importance when it comes to the life of the engine, and in particular attention should be paid and the filter should be replaced when switching from synthetic to mineral oil and vice versa.

Replacement for all types of filters should be done by qualified personnel, because of the technical, as well as the ecological aspects. Drivers who change filters on their own often do not leave them in the places reserved for recycling, and filters end up in backyards and rivers. It is known that one liter of oil pollutes about a million gallons of water in rivers.

Because fuel filters are used to remove impurities from the fuel and facilitate the proper functioning of the engine and contribute to consumption savings, it is necessary to replace them on time. Engines in cars may stop working because of irregular filter changing.

The air conditioning system should be cleaned and checked for bacteria that may have accumulated in the last season before the heat period starts, and before the air conditioning is used in vehicles every day. It is also good to replace the filter in the heating and cooling system of the vehicle cabin, which is often mistakenly misunderstood as being the same as the air conditioning filter.

Air enters the air conditioner through the cabin filter, whereas the air conditioner has no filter whatsoever. Maintenance is also very important and drivers should not do it on their own, they should hire a professional. Freon must also be checked, air conditioning cleaned from any bacteria, and that cannot be done by the driver.