Cabin Filters

kabina1The air contains a huge number of harmful particles that are introduced into the body with breathing. These are dust, abrasive particles, soot, various scented substances, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, and in outside urban areas – pollen. All of these substances enter cabin vehicles through heating and cooling systems and air conditioning.

If you do not have a filter for the above mentioned, harmful substances will be able to pass freely, which will lead to performance reduction in air conditioning systems.

kabina2Inhalation of contaminated particles has negative consequences to the human body: allergic reactions, lung strain and respiratory tract irritation, unpleasant feeling caused by bad smells, lack of concentration, general weakness, etc.

By installing a cabin vehicle filter, all above mentioned adverse impacts will be removed, drivers and passengers would feel better and more comfortable and the air conditioning system in the vehicle will be protected.

We can easily conclude that, in the times when the world is fighting for a healthy environment, one of the important factors in this process is the cabin filter.

Our filters use optimal materials with a high degree of filtration so they are providing little resistance to airflow and cause a very small pressure drop in the air conditioner.

Our filters meet all of the air conditioners’ requirements (protection and facilitation), but above all, they protect the health of people in the cabin, and the journey is pleasant and comfortable.