About us

BOSFILTER company comes from the town of Kosjeric, and was opened in 1993. In the beginning, we have manufactured about 20 types of air filters for the following:

  • trucks,
  • buses,
  • construction machinery

Today, BOSFILTER production program includes 1000 types of air filters for all types of internal combustion engines for trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment, booths for powder coating, cleaning enclosed work space for cement factories, timber industry treatment facilities, etc.

In addition to the production of air filters, we also repair air filters. Our aim is to provide the best filters and service to our customers. We have implemented and certified the quality system, ISO 9001:2008, and we are in the process of standard implementation for the automotive industry, ISO 16949 certified.


We strive to be the best choice for customers, and this plan is to be achieved by continuous improvements in product quality, incorporating the highest quality filter paper, elements and parts, cost control, raising the professional level of employees, elimination of unpleasant effects on the environment, as well as improving health, safety and working conditions.


To amuse our customers with products and results in a way which will allow the owners to achieve the set goals, and offer employees long-term social security, with the ability to achieve their personal, economical and social objectives.


Customer demands will be fulfilled by using the help of our motivated, capable and satisfied employees who demonstrate high commitment to the company.

Quality of business, environmental protection and safeguards are established in accordance with the requirements stated in the standards for quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2008, environment standards in accordance with ISO 14001 and standards for health management and occupational safety of workers per OHSAS 18001, and all this provides continuous improvement in:

  • quality of products
  • relationships with suppliers and customers
  • environmental impact
  • informing, education and communication
  • preserving the reputation and creating prestige

The well-being of our business policy is reflected in reliability of our work, which is performed through quality products, as well as a profitable operation. Our essential determinant is employees’ motivation, as well as knowledge and innovation in new technologies.

When it comes to our obligations in the field of corporate social responsibility, we feel that by developing ourselves, we develop the overall social atmosphere. From this set of business policy stems our policy of quality.